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I’m a mom. I love Christmas-

I love to see my kids faces when they open those super duper cool presents at 5 am (before I even get a sip of coffee!)

You know what would really be super duper cool though? If mommy had some heated socks or a ridiculously fluffy robe on while digging for batteries! Ha!

I made a list this year, and this is it… 

As a single mommy I crave those extra- comfy, ultra- fluffy, or nice-and-nifty things that I won’t buy for myself! Without further guilt, here are the things on my wish list this year, and I’m guessing that they’re pretty awesome picks for the special mom in your life this Christmas!   

A Super Fluffy Bath Robe

I found this extra luxurious bath robe on Oprah’s Favorite Things list recently. I get cold- really cold– in the winter months. (That’s kind of the theme of this Christmas list now that I think of it!)

I’ve had many bath robes- the light airy ones with half-sleeves that dip into the dishwater; The T-shirt material that frays after a few washes; The ultra- heavy one that takes up the entire washing machine…

This robe caught my eye first because of the color selection- modern muted colors that don’t SCREAM “Christmas Cheer”- (moms don’t really like that, am I right?)

The next thing I noticed was the quilted detail, and a tiny hint of velvet trim, that makes me want to wear it all day!

I don’t know if Oprah actually has one of these- but if I did, it would absolutely be one of my favorite things for chilly nights, (and days) at home with the kiddos!

Extra Cozy Long Undies

I bought this set of long underwear in anticipation for a trip up North to see family. I was so in love with these waffle-texture undies I bought a second set! The grey is great, but this also comes in a soft pink that I love!

In the winter months, the dry furnace air wreaks havoc on my skin. My favorite thing to do is cake on moisturizer all over as soon as I get out of the shower at the end of the day!

I put these on immediately after my PM shower and wear them like pajamas at night- and they don’t wick away my lotion! (That’s probably my favorite thing about this undie set)

Also, (if I’m being totally honest) some days I wait ’til the last minute to do my errands and just grab one of these tops to wear under my jacket. I feel toasty warm the whole day, even in the frozen section of the grocery store, without having to wear a hundred layers!

These may not look impressive, but I guarantee your mom will love them as much as I do!

Heated Socks?!

Have I been living under a rock? I definitely know about heated blankets, but SOCKS?! 

I read the reviews on these, and I must say I’m really hoping to score a pair this season! The batteries are rechargeable, and both socks can charge at the same time. (There’s a neat little pocket at the top for the battery to tuck away.)

Many customers said these feel like regular socks. (I wouldn’t want to wear something bulky!) But the greatest feature for me is the three heat settings…

My slippers just don’t do the trick after being on cool hardwood floors all morning! But, these are a bit expensive at around $42, which make them the perfect GIFT! Moms like me won’t buy fancy heated socks for ourselves… (but keep an eye out, I have a feeling these will be a Black Friday Favorite!)

Okay, now that I’m feeling a little warmer from these cozy winter wear-ables, lets move on to something a little more practical, (because moms love useful stuff too!)

Kitchen Storage

I’ve had my Glass Lock containers for YEARS. When I was getting ready for babies, I learned that our plastic storage containers have some really dangerous chemicals baked in. Not wanting to contaminate my home-made baby food and left-overs, I gifted myself this set of glass storage containers.

Glass Locks are dishwasher safe, no chemicals, and they keep my food fresh much longer than plastic! 

If you’re worried about the seals- they can pop right out and be hand- washed! These are super durable too- even if your kiddos happen to pull this off the counter top, they DON’T break. (They’re also a pretty alternative to other kinds of storage in the fridge.)

Car Organizer

The worst part about grocery shopping- solved. These organizers have gotten pretty spiffy! I’ve been hauling groceries into the house the wrong way for a long time, and I chose this X-Cosrack organizer because it has insulated cooler bags!

Not only can I carry A LOT MORE food at once when I get home from the store, but my milk and ice cream will stay cold- (even when I have to turn around because I forgot to stop at the post office!)

My milk used to tumble all over the back of my SUV. This organizer keeps everything nice and snug. It’s just one less thing to worry about. 

The whole thing is washable, and fold-able, so if you need to pack it away it takes up very little space. Plus, this organizer is much more sturdy than I thought it would be for the price! 

Anything that makes life a little easier and a little more organized is the perfect gift for a busy mommy! 

Laundry Hack

Perhaps one of the coolest, simplest, practical products to come to popularity recently are these woolen dryer balls.

I found these for just under $9, and the reason I’m so excited about these things is because they’re…

*organic, *fragrance/ chemical free, *they wont harm your fabrics, & *they save me money on laundry products.

Imagine cutting out the expense of dryer sheets! These are reusable of course- no more dryer sheets, AND they’re 100% sheep wool, which means NO CHEMICALS.

Also these dryer balls boast that they save you money on your electric bill too! The wool dries your clothes FASTER, so you don’t need to keep your dryer running forever with loads large or small!

And, did I mention you can sprinkle some of your favorite essential oil on these occasionally? Add your favorite scent and make your clothes smell AMAZING while keeping them toxin- free!


Super Nifty Air Purifiers

This last super nifty, practical present is for EVERY mom who struggles with smells– from kids to pets to food to trash, ALL of us at one time or another have purchased room sprays or plug-ins to scent our house!

When I had my first baby, I read A LOT about all the toxic stuff in our homes that we didn’t know about. Maybe you didn’t know either- those sprays and plug-ins have harmful VOC’s in them that can cause serious respiratory issues over time!

-Enter- the 100% natural, charcoal bag…

Charcoal has become extremely popular lately. It’s in everything from toothpaste to water filters. Charcoal has the ability to pull bad bacteria and toxins out of almost ANYTHING. Including the air. 

In this case, the charcoal in the bags is used to eliminate lingering odors and purify the air in your home, 100% naturally! 

(Santa’s getting me some of these for the kids closets and sock drawers this year) As a mom- or even just someone who likes a clean smelling house- I definitely pick these as a top practical gift for mom! 

Now For The Fancy Stuff…

For a SUPER PERSONAL DIY gift for Mom, read “How To Make a Self Care Basket”…

Decadent Chocolate

What would Christmas be without Godiva?

I remember going shopping at Christmas time, (you know, like to stores/ the mall) and everyone always featured small, gorgeous boxes of this iconic San Francisco brand!

I am a chocoholic. No doubt about it. It’s in my genes, and every year I would tug on my moms coat and beg for a beautiful, tiny box. And, every year, I’d find some chocolate in my stocking!

Now that I’m the mommy- my love for chocolate has only gotten greater, (Which means larger gorgeous boxes!) My favorite tradition for the holidays is definitely a little fancy- Godiva Chocolate!

Beautiful Boots

Do you know a mom who LOVES pretty BOOTS? I know I do! I was lucky enough to get a pair of BEAUTIFUL Corral boots last Christmas, and if your looking for something EXTRA FANCY for mom this Christmas, these hand-made boots make the cut!

The main reason that I’m including this high-end fashion trend is that I’ve met a lot of ladies recently wearing these around. Craft shows, brunches, ladies nights… all the ladies with unique STYLE have been showing off their Corral boots!

(Made popular by the TV series “Nashville”)

With dozens of designs to choose from, there’s sure to be one that fits your Mama’s unique style and personality!

Hand Made Jewelry

Speaking of fashion, there’s been a HUGE trend recently- pressed, dried flowers! They just seem to take us back to a time when everything was fancier and more romantic– Victorian houses, lace and poetry!

I’ve found a simple, thrifty way to add floral to any outfit. You can wear these earrings with jeans and a tee, OR your favorite party dress!

These are one of a kind, (just like mom!) Each tiny flower is REAL, picked and arranged by hand in resin with 14 karat gold-over-sterling accents.

These would make a perfect “statement gift” for the Holidays, and best of all, they’re UNDER $30! Tell mom how unique and special she is to you every time she wears them!  

Ultimate Relaxation

What Mom Doesn’t like a good massage?! The trouble is- finding the TIME to go to cash in those Spa gift cards you bought for her months ago! 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the spa came to her? I found this thing on Amazon while trying to find something personal for mom for Mother’s Day. Now, I’ve decided all of us moms should have one of these- right next to the heating pad- in our “self care” basket!

What a neat way to let mom know you’re thinking of her, in a well-being sort of way. Seriously, after years of car seat drama, grocery haulin’ and near-heart-attacks from watching kids, moms have totally earned it!

There are a bunch of things like this on the market. I like this one because you can put it on ANY body part that aches. Plus, it has an adapter for use in the CAR for those lengthy road trip!

3 levels of speed move the small rollers inside that work out those knots, and HEAT ensures a relaxing experience!

Treat mom with unlimited massages this year- for A LOT LESS than the spa!

That concludes our round up of 2019’s most awesome gifts for Mom! I hope you found some of these suggestions inspiring!

I love to give things that are personal and unique every time I get the opportunity, don’t forget to subscribe below for more gift-giving ideas, Holiday DIY’s and recipes!

Sincerely Yours, Breezy


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