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Home school Super Tool- STEM Coding

When I first began to research extra-curricular activities for my first grader, I started to brainstorm educational opportunities that my kid would actually enjoy long-term. I knew piano lessons and horseback riding would only hold his interest briefly…

And, not to mention, the cost of these activities was too much for me to stomach if he were to abruptly quit!

I talked to my family, who, honestly thought I was going a bit over-board with my curriculum dreams.

After all, when I was in first grade, extra curricular activities looked like coloring quietly while Dad watched the news!

My brother though, he had some insight- we discussed one day over coffee that the best foreign language we never learned in school was computer language- CODING!

Light bulb! I quickly ran to google to search for coding programs for kids, affordable programs.

I found Tynker.

My sweet boy has recently become OBSESSED with Minecraft

I latched on to Tynker because it offers coding instruction with Minecraft! A private server is included with our plan, and we are so looking forward to unlocking these coding lessons for our favorite game!

If you’re like me, you sometimes struggle to find educational resources that are actually FUN and affordable.

Tynker was a no-brainer because of the Minecraft aspect, but I found an even better catch as a homeschooling parent-

I wrote a post recently about my struggles with teaching reading. We tried everything. My math/ science savvy five- year-old HATED reading, but we eventually found a reading book that suited his learning style!


The cool aspect of Tynker is that kids often have to write script in text boxes to add dialogue their characters.

Not only is this encouraging my son to READ and WRITE, he is learning to TYPE on a keyboard at age 5… BIG WIN!

To top everything off, this program didn’t break the bank either! I suppose this coding idea caught my attention at JUST the right time, because Tynker is ON SALE right now!

Want to Try Tynker?

I found a learning activity my child actually wants to do! And, it prepares him for careers of the future in a game-like setting!

(If you’ve read any other post on this site, you know I am VERY budget-conscience!) Tynker fit nicely into our school schedule, as well as our budget!

We’ve been using Tynker for a little over a week, and I’m already seeing a HUGE difference in my son. He’s EXCITED to read, EXCITED to write, and he’s more enthusiastic about completing his other schoolwork- because he knows he will get computer “game time” as part of his school day!

For any parent who is looking for a way to prepare their child for a future filled with technology, OR for any teacher who is looking for a recommendation for extra-curriculars- Tynker is it!

Customer support has been quick to respond when I wanted the Ebook to get me started as a parent. I also have my own dashboard on the program to track my son’s progress!

I was concerned at first that the recommended age to begin this program was grade 3, but the program is very instructional and intuitive in beginner lessons!

Right now, I am having to sit with him to complete modules, and help to read some of the instructions. I have to help him find keystrokes until he becomes more comfortable on a keyboard, but hey- we’re starting super early, and I am optimistic that in a very short time he’ll be completing modules all on his own!

All said, I would highly recommend this to any parent or student looking for the missing link in a tech-less curriculum!


Sincerely Yours, Breezy

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