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I love the rustic farmhouse look that’s so popular right now! And fortunately, my house happens to be VERY OLD, so this look matches the house and my budget perfectly!

I have always enjoyed making things- from jewelry to up-cycling furniture. But these days, being a full time home school mom doesn’t allow for lengthy, complicated projects!

Today, I’m going to show you how I filled up that ENORMOUS blank spot above my fireplace! #12footceilings

I thought about hanging our flat screen there, trust me! But since the fireplace is a focal point, I wanted to do it justice. The problem is, large wall art is just so darn expensive!!

I took a trip to Hobby Lobby (for inspiration of course 😉 and, as always, I swooned over the rustic farmhouse wall decor they have in abundance- the idea struck to do some sort of a barn door decoration above the mantle, maybe with a wreath?…

Then I saw her- THE CLOCK! I found I really cool antique looking clock before I left the store, but it wasn’t 50% off. I sulked all the way to the car, vowing to bring that thing home, eventually!

I ended up at Lowe’s- my creative brain was working on the project already! I picked up some fence pickets, dark wood stain, 1″ wood screws and headed home..


Fence pickets are very cheap, but they are indeed very rustic, too. If you want wood that is more finished and CLEAN, (without splinters or large knots) maybe invest in the Choice Pine stuff. It costs about $5 per board for a 1 x 4 x 8, compared to $1.69 for a fence picket of the same size.

Keep in mind too- fence pickets are closer to 1/2″ thick, and much lighter in weight than Choice pine- If you’re going to hang your finished piece, keep weight in mind!

Materials List:

One box 1″ wood screws (I had Drywall Screws on hand for my project)

6-fence pickets 4′ long, 5 1/4″ wide

2-1″x4″x4′ Choice pine OR 1-1″x3″x8′)

1 small can minwax stain or leftover paint

picture hanging wire (if you plan to hang this on the wall) mine is sitting on the mantle in these photos

My finished project ended up being 36″ tall and 31 1/2″ wide. You could customize the size based on your wall space or centerpeice that you plan to hang. Measure TWICE, cut once!

I measured to the center of my top horizontal board and placed a screw there to hang my clock. My original vision was a wreath- I planned to do a fancy wall hook in the middle- the possibilities with this are endless!


My tools are Dewalt. I use my tools A LOT, and I have never been let down, however professionals are recommending Milwaukee as a quality brand. If you’re new to DIY, or just don’t build things very often, a good budget brand might be Porter-Cable, OR you can stop in at your local Harbor Freight for some great deals on tools!

For this project you’ll need a cordless drill, a circular saw OR a miter saw, a paint brush, and a tape measure..

(always 3 tape measures- one for the junk drawer, one for the tool box, and one for the kids to play with so they don’t take yours while you’re working!)

Directions: Scroll Down for Photos

1. Cut the 6 Fence pickets 36″ long. Discard the ends with angled cuts (dog-ear ends).

2. Line them up together vertically on your work surface.

3. Measure and mark a line 7″ from the bottom of your “fence”. This is where the bottom edge of your horizontal piece will be attached.

4. Measure and mark a line 8″ from the top of your “fence”. The top edge of your second horizontal piece will be attached here.

5. Mark and cut the 2 1″x 4″  pieces flush with the edges of your “fence”.

6. Attach the horizontal 1×4’s with your 1″ wood screws from the BACK of your fence to avoid screw heads showing on the front.

7. Paint or stain and let dry.

8. You can use 2 screws on the backside, (drilling into the vertical and top horizontal pieces) to string a hanging wire between them if you wish to hang this. (wrap the wire around the screws tightly several times to ensure the wire won’t slip off!)

Finally, choose any amazing thing to hang in the center of your barn wood, OR choose many small things!

This would look super cute with various sizes of photo frames and family pictures inside! OR, a large beautiful wreath. OR, maybe some metal signage that you picked up on a whim & it’s hiding in the closet… Maybe even that fancy plate collection in your cabinets?

I’d also love to see this project done up in layers of paint! That would definitely add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral color scheme!

There are SO MANY ways to make this project your own- and the best part- it didn’t cost a fortune to fill up that huge, empty spot on your wall, (with something you’ll LOVE to look at!)


Please try this project and give me some feedback! I’d love to know how this project turned out for you, and better yet- send photos! I get so inspired by others’ creativity!

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Until Next Time! Breezy

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