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So you’re jumping in- you’re going to home school your little one!



You’ve been scrolling Pinterest for months, gathering ideas for sensory activities. You did your homework on Montessori, Charlotte Mason… Unschooling/ Free-schooling and all the rest!

What now? You need to gather supplies, but where do you start?

Pull yourself up By Your Bootstraps- This list of FIVE Home school Resources will get you off to a great start in your home school journey!

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Resource #1

You have probably noticed commercials for on your child’s favorite cartoon network, or plastered all over early- learning websites. 

I was definitely skeptical when I decided to try it- the first month is free, so I knew that if the kiddos didn’t engage with this, I could just cancel and move on.

To my surprise, both of my little boys (who are total opposite personality types and learning styles) have enjoyed this program A LOT

It was a big part of our journey in pre-k and kindergarten! And we continue to use it through first grade- even though my older boy insists he’s ready for the “big kid” version- Adventure Academy… 


Heads up- this seems to work best when you sit with your toddler and celebrate with them as they complete their activities!

I don’t recommend tossing your little person a tablet with this while you catch up on housework- just like most other learning platforms, your involvement as a parent makes all the difference. Your child will find joy in doing the activities with you!

I really appreciate that ABCmouse took a super- creative approach when organizing the lessons; your child will have his/ her own avatar that they’ve created, and games/ lessons/ videos are arranged in a “Path” structure.

You can easily determine exactly where your students’ strengths and weaknesses are as they progress, (which becomes VERY useful once you move on to a structured curriculum for grade 1 and 2!)

All around, I find that has been a perfect choice for us! The kids enjoy playing their “games” at tablet time, and I enjoy the educational content! 

Worth the subscription, But try it free before you purchase! 

Great idea for grandparents who want to give the valuable gift of education starting early!

Resource #2

I love this huge collection of workbooks by School Zone.

I remember using scholastic in early childhood in the public school. Today, these School Zone books are so much more colorful and fun!

I have made these workbooks a daily routine for us, and the kiddos like them because they can tear out pages to hang on the fridge, or show to family and friends when we have company!

My favorite part about School Zone is the value- these books will last an entire school year, and the price is right on at $7-$10. That’s way less than Sonlight when you’re just starting out!


Also Read: The One Book That Saved Our Reading Curriculum…

Resource #3

To my delight, my kids’ great-grandmother has expressed great interest in our home school from day 1…

These wipe-clean books were a gift to my oldest for Christmas one year, (along with toys, of course) and a couple of the originals we received years ago grace our play table today! They have outlasted spills, suitcases, dogs and teething!

A neighbor grabbed one of these recently for us too- perfect timing, because the older ones were starting to get a bit worn, but overall, these are tough and well worth the price!


I found these on Amazon, there are MANY to choose from! 

At around $8- $10 these outlast any other activity books I have found, and the little ones enjoy drawing in it even before they begin tracing letters and shapes, so it will be a familiar friend when they begin structured learning!

Resource #4

My fourth recommendation for inexpensive and effective home school tools comes from Tynker!

This kids computer coding program has proved to me more than a great STEM resource, it’s user-freindly platform has improved my son’s reading and writing, too!

I’m not affiliated with this program, but I’m so excited about Tynker that I wrote a whole review! Get the full article HERE

Resource #5

I must mention HSLDA as probably the most important resource that I use for my home school curriculum. 

There are endless advantages to this site- from your state laws and guidelines, to forms, to new products and planners; home school conventions and groups…

I really can’t say enough how much this site has made my confidence explode when it comes to home school!

Whether you are just starting to consider home school for your family, or already putting together a curriculum, HSLDA has everything you will need to navigate childhood education!

Please click the link below to check it out!

I hope these resources will help you in your endeavor to home school! Please subscribe to stay updated with all the new programs and products I find helpful to my kiddos! We’re just starting out, so there will be plenty more to come!

Sincerely Yours, Breezy

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