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Implementing these 3 self- development rituals can help you reconnect with your purpose, and be a better parent in 2020!

Do you ever feel like you’re out of control? You know- you let mood determine your productivity. You put your goals and dreams on the back- burner because, well,  there’s dishes, laundry, appointments… KIDS to raise!

It’s all I can do to NOT SHUT DOWN some days. 

I have so many personal goals. I want to achieve– for myself AND for my family, at a high level!

And this takes SELF DEVELOPMENT.

New research finds that it’s CRITICAL for your well-being to set goals and constantly LEARN! 

Between the spilled juice and tablet tug-o-war, it’s been REALLY HARD to find myself and remember my mission, much less grow my knowledge and set goals!

I know that if I struggle with this, I’m surely not the only one- so I’ve decided to figure out how to nurture myself so I can better nurture others, through self- development.


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Personal Time

Getting time for personal development doesn’t mean going for a retreat or conference to listen to a guru for a week. Actually, for single parents like me- this could pretty much be impossible!

My personal development ritual starts with the moments I DO have throughout the day when I’m (almost) alone.

Your morning shower… 

I take this 10 minute block of the day for self development…

Get a blue tooth speaker. Listen to YouTube or Podcasts that expand your mind, or listen to those successful people whom you want to emulate! Spend a few minutes searching out experts in any subject you have an interest. Here are a few of my favorite self- development YouTube channels that cover a wide range of experts and topics-

I listen at least 10 minutes a day. This will serve a FEW purposes for you-

Listening to stuff that you care about, or even just inspirational stories will lift your mood!

You will likely learn something new.

You will feel more connected to the world (which is SUPER important to mommys!)


I READ BOOKS- not Facebook posts…

I never enjoyed reading when I was younger. Despite my mom reading to us kids every single day, the joy of reading didn’t come until recently in my life.

I’m now a serial reader. I read for information. Once I started listening to successful people in the shower, I realized that achieving my goals would require a whole new set of skills- skills that I could learn (almost for free) by studying others!

Read more about my personal favorite books and resources I use to be my best self!
I know- who has time to read books?

I started with physical books, and quickly realized that as a single mom, I had about 10 chores waiting for me during that magical 2 hours of naptime in which I planned to read instead.

AUDIO BOOKS- problem solved!

I can listen to someone else read my books to me, while I’m knocking out dishes or mopping!

The trick is- to do it. Fill your brain (and time) with things that matter! Many of the books I wanted were WAY CHEAPER or even FREE in audio book form as well!

Get two FREE audio books with your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL subscription of Audible. Click the banner below 

Meditation for Self Development

Before I lose you here- Know that there are many different kinds of meditation. I’ve found one that DOESN’T require me to devote lots of quiet time in seclusion. (Which I don’t have as a single, stay-at-home mom!)

Instead, I fall asleep with a guided meditation-

I listen to a voice that talks me down into sleep mode. It includes deep breathing to relax the body and mind- to let go of all the stress that happens during the day.

And you WON’T be required to CLEAR YOUR MIND, either- (again, a most impossible feat for most of us) These chosen meditations actually encourage thought! But the things you’ll be asked to think about just before sleep will encourage POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE thought!

Left to my own devices, my brain keeps me awake with problems to solve, even when it’s time to sleep. These meditations don’t take time away from my day- they’re meant for bedtime. And I’ve never experienced such a deep, revitalizing sleep until I tried guided meditation. 

I simply plug in my smart phone next to the bed, turn down the volume, and go to I listen to Dauchsy Meditations every night. 

It has become an essential part of my self- development program! You can wake up re-charged, focused and intentional. And the best part- It’s FREE!

Comitting to self development has changed my life! It took a while to find the right resources, and it took a lot of trial & error before I could incororate these things into my routine, but it’s made all the difference!

I truly hope this helps you in your quest for self development.

I want to hear from you- please tell me if you’ve tried any of my techniques, or discovered your own that you can share!

My goal is to build a community of single parents who support each other in our goals!

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Sincerely Yours, Breezy


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