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Why do you need to Organize Your Thoughts?

We have patterns. An operating system that dictates how we manage our time & how productive we are on a given day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could over-write the program and get MORE out of your day?!

You can do that when you organize your thoughts- what you think about. Not only that, you can slash the time it takes to make important decisions, or recover from unforseen events!

Getting Organized Mentally…

There are 3 key things we can do to organize our thoughts, get MORE out of your day. As a home school mom & a small business owner it’s hard to mentally prepare for stuff that just pops up to wreck your schedule! 

When I really want to WIN the day- like in all aspects, I think about my strengths and weaknesses. 

Every day demands something new! In order to not fall apart at the first sign of a glitch, I use these 3 strategies to stay on top of the game during the day, and then let go of it all at bed time! 

Strategy #1 Journaling

I can not emphasize this enough! Journaling makes you reflect. It’s easy to keep track of where you’ve been, but when you need to know right where you are now, in the scheme of things, you MUST take inventory!

We all want to make progress. Personally, if I don’t keep track of my thoughts by routinely journaling, I’ve found that I operate in circles, (like being lost in the woods.) The best way that I know to organize our thoughts is to write them down!

I find that in a house with kids & dogs, the best journals are leather! Spiral notebooks are great too- but after a chocolate milk spill, all those thoughts of yours could be gone. HERE is the one I currently use…

What to Write:

Confession- when I first started to write down my thoughts & keep track of my days, I felt silly. You know- because the last time I kept a journal was in Jr. High School! 

The whole idea of writing is that it’s a snapshot– a snapshot of you, right now! If you want to get where you’re going, you should be writing about those things that are on your mind, in the moment. Make progress- not circles. 

When you jot it down on paper, it’s OUTSIDE of you- you can see, super easily, a solution for a nagging issue you’ve been dealing with. You can celebrate more fully, when your victories are written like a big banner in plain text!

Take the time, right now to source a jounal. Open up a word.doc or grab an empty spiral notebook. Dig some printer paper out & just fill it up! Start a habit of writing for just five minutes, twice a week. You’ll be shoked at how much more productive your days can be, once you declutter your thoughts!

Strategy #3 Letting Go

The whole idea of getting your thoughts organized is to be more productive and intentional with time & decisions. But, it’s important too, to let go of your thoughts at the end of the day! You will fall asleep more quickly, and rest more fully when you let go of today’s business.

Everyone is convinced in modern times that we need to be busy. Busy working, busy socializing, busy problem solving! Today, a HUGE percentage of the poulation is STRESSED OUT! So much so, that we take lots of prescription drugs, pay millions to mental health experts, and still- we can’t sleep!

How to Dump Your Brain Before Sleep

 It’s important to know, that the end of the day is just for you! You have done all that can be done with your working, functioning hours. Now it’s time to relax & reboot!

Brain dumping can be done two ways:

Want to get 2 strategies in 1?

You can write at the end of the day. As mentioned earlier, writing gets all of those swirling inner thoughts OUTSIDE of you. It’s like a cleansing of the mind. Write down all the thoughts you’d rather not fall asleep with. The ones you know will keep you awake! Having them outside of yourself, on paper, is a great way to brain dump & get the rest you need get more out of your next day!

Another way to dump and rest easy…

My favorite way to brain dump is to fall asleep with a guided meditation. I use Dauchsy Meditation on YouTube. There are many channels that offer night time meditations! Another one of my favorites is Body Mind Zone. These offer the opportunity to quiet your thoughts, and fall asleep with positivity. 

You don’t have to use guided meditation though- studies show that classical music does exactly the same thing!

The chords we hear in some classical music slows down our brain, and creates a calming, peaceful effect as we transition to sleep.

iHeart Radio is a good place to find classical. Or, you can make a playlist with your iTunes or Spotify account!

Give these a try for a night or two, and please comment! Let me know if you feel more rested. Tell me if you were able to fall asleep faster!

Thank You for being here- I know that organizing your thoughts can be difficult, especially when life gets a little overwhelming! I hope these 3 strategies will help you to be on top of your game. If you’ve discovered ways to get the most from your day, please email me or comment below! I’d love to know your strategies for crushing life!

Sincerely Yours, Breezy

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