Oak Meadow Curriculum

Oak Meadow is a comprehensive and flexible homeschooling curriculum that is designed to provide a holistic and natural approach to education.

Developed by a team of experienced educators and homeschooling experts, the Oak Meadow curriculum is designed to be used by families of all backgrounds and abilities!

Holistic Education

This curriculum is based on the principles of progressive education and emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning and real-world experiences.

One of the key features of the Oak Meadow curriculum is its focus on holistic education. The curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded education that addresses the needs of the whole child, including their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development!

This approach is intended to help students develop a sense of self-awareness and a love of learning that will serve them well throughout their lives!

Hands-on Learning

Another important feature of the Oak Meadow curriculum is its emphasis on hands-on learning. The curriculum is designed to be interactive and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for students to explore and experiment with different concepts and ideas!

This hands-on approach is designed to help students understand and retain the material they are learning, making it more meaningful and memorable.

Oak Meadow Resources

If you’re curious about the material used in The Oak Meadow Curriculum, or want to read more detailed program information, click below to visit the Oak Meadow Website 


We found Oak Meadow to be highly flexible compared to other programs! It can be used by homeschoolers, traditional schools, and even by individual students who are not enrolled in any formal educational program.

The curriculum can also be tailored to meet the needs of students of all ages and abilities, from young children to adults! This means that Oak Meadow can be used to teach a wide range of subjects, from basic reading and math skills to advanced scientific concepts and historical events.

The Oak Meadow curriculum includes a comprehensive set of materials and resources. The program comes with a wide range of books, videos, and other materials that cover all of the subjects inside the curriculum. These materials are designed to be self-teaching, with clear explanations and step-by-step instructions that guide students through the material.

Additionally, the curriculum also includes a variety of tests and quizzes that can be used to assess students’ understanding of the material and to track their progress over time.

Art Centered Homeschool

If you like a holistic style curriculum, we found Charlotte Mason Homeschool pretty fascinating too! To learn more about Charlotte Mason, follow our link

Self-Taught Programs

In the Bootstraps house, we use self-taught curriculum. This has literally saved my homeschool for several reasons:

  • It promotes good study habits- each child works indepently on his/ her lesson plan. This is exceptionally beneficial to families with multiple children of different ages!
  • It builds confidence- Each child is solely responsible for their schoolwork. Of course, I step in to help when it’s needed, but the kids have a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence when they complete theur lessons. Confidence snowballs over time, and encourages them to take initiative in their projects and lessons!
  • As the parent, my whole day isn’t dedicated to homeschooling! This is probably the biggest benefit of self-taught learning! The kids work independently of each other, AND I get the school day to complete my housework and chores without having to lecture or explain every lesson. WIN-WIN!


The Oak Meadow curriculum is also designed to be affordable and cost-effective. The curriculum is sold in a variety of formats, including a full curriculum package, individual grade level packages, and individual subject packages. This allows families to purchase only the materials they need, without having to pay for unnecessary resources. Additionally, Oak Meadow also offers a number of used materials for a lower cost.

Environmental Education

One of the benefits of the Oak Meadow curriculum is its strong focus on environmental education. The curriculum encourages students to explore and appreciate the natural world, and it provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to become environmentally responsible citizens.

This approach is designed to help students understand the importance of protecting the planet and to inspire them to take action to preserve the environment!

If you’ve gotten to know our family over the years that we’ve been homeschooling, you’ll understand that we’re outdoor fanatics! I truly believe that knowlege comes from the world around us. We study our world through the lense of nature, because it’s ever-changing, infinately interesting, and humbling!

In conclusion

Oak Meadow is a comprehensive, flexible, and natural homeschooling program that is designed to provide a holistic and hands-on approach to education!

Its emphasis on hands-on learning, holistic education, and natural world encourages students to explore, experiment and retain the material effectively.

Its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and environmental focus makes it an attractive option. Especially for families who are looking for a curriculum that reflects a creative and eco-centered program! 

Please remember to keep your long-term goals in mind when choosing a curriculum for your homeschool. It’s ok if your chosen program doesn’t work out at first!

Your homeschool curriculum can change over time with your child. Have fun exploring curriculum options, and remember that the main idea of homeschool is to instill a love of learning first!

All My Best! Enjoy Your Homeschool Journey!



We’ve been so lucky to hear from Oak Meadow about what their customers think! Read the testimonials below…

“As the parent-teacher, I have been very pleased with the content of the curriculum.  It is interesting, well-structured, and is balanced with regard to having just the right amount of material to cover in the time frame for each lesson. With homeschooling, there is the freedom to set one’s schedule according to life’s activities.   We appreciate the flexibility offered by the staff.  It allows for learning for the sake of the enjoyment of learning, minus the strict adherence to standardized testing, deadlines, and pressure to achieve via competition.   I taught in a public school for 30 years and I need to “unlearn” that model of educating to apply this new technique at home for my son.   [My son] loves learning using the OM curriculum!” – Heidi, an Oak Meadow parent
“We used OM from K to 12, and have a kid who missed one question on the SAT in math. Now he is an applied math major at an all-STEM college on a full scholarship- tested into Calc 3 for his freshman year! he has a math web page for fun! Do not discount OM math. He still talks about the math gnomes. the silly math stories. they are foundational. trust the curriculum. People smarter than us Moms – who know lots of things about education put this stuff together. Don’t pick and choose, don’t jump around trying to fix what isn’t broken, please.” – Nico, an Oak Meadow parent
“I cannot recommend Oak Meadow’s curriculum highly enough! This is our seventh year with them, and each year has been absolutely wonderful. Every year I am so pleased with how smoothly the grades work alongside each other; which I have come to appreciate more and more as we are now working with three different grades in our homeschool. The work is flexible and accommodating, while always maintaining a challenge and interest; it is a beautiful balance.

Oak Meadow truly fosters an environment that inspires curiosity and creativity and presents concepts in such a thoughtful way that clearly resonates with the student at a deep level of understanding. I honestly marvel at the intention and ease that comes through in Oak Meadow’s curriculum. I feel such confidence in the education that I am able to share with my children!
While we haven’t yet needed to utilize their support staff, they make themselves available for all levels of assistance, teacher or student, and they also touch base to make sure that all feels it is running smoothly and to help with any questions. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found them. ” – Aairyn, an Oak Meadow parent

“I feel that Oak Meadow does social and emotional learning better than anywhere else. Across our grades and programs, Oak Meadow teaches with compassion, and with the goal of turning out functional happy, healthy adults.” – Oak Meadow staff member


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