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Just For Moms

It’s really easy to lose ourselves as individuals in our mom roles. Taking care of everyone else can mean losing those pieces of you that you cherish like your goals and passions.

This page is just for you, Mamas! It’s hard enough being a mom, but when you add prfixes such as {single} or {stay at home} or {home school}, life starts to get pretty messy!

We all have those days when we look into the mirror, bewildered at our tired selves and think, “I really should make time to reconnect today.” 

With all the craziness going on in the world lately, you’ve likely felt a little more stress than usual, and my hunch is, that we’re going through some growing pains as moms right now.

Maybe this is the time for us, in the midst of chaos for a little rebirth. A time to re-create ourselves and make new goals! I like this idea much better than sitting around waiting for quarentine to end! So on that note, I’ve compiled a few inspiring books and ideas for you.

Get your juices flowing! Did you ever dream of starting a business? Learning to de-stress with yoga? Did you ever hope to someday get a REAL routine going and be on top of everything, including your own self care?!

Below are links to things that I’ve found as a mom that help me to push forward when the days are long and tough!

Please enjoy and send your feedback! What are your dreams and goals? How to you unwind after weeks on end with work and kids?

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Sincerely, Breezy



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