How To Organize Your Space:

Organizing your space doesn’t need to be tedious! I want to show you how to organize your home, office, and vehicle quickly and easily with no stress!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I assure you- the effort is SO worth the reward when it comes to getting organized! After all, It’s a new year, a new you! It’s time we all get our sh*t together once & for all! Follow along for fool-proof tips on how to organize your space…

First Things First!

The best strategy I deploy when re-organizing is to tackle the smallest job first! This may seem counter-intuitive, I know you want to get it done all at once! But trust me when I say, tackling the bigger jobs first will only leave you exhausted and defeated! It’s best to start small- decide on one small area you can organize, & let the result of your effort be fuel for taking on the bigger tasks!

A good example of a small organization project my be your bathroom counter top, or maybe your fridge! Your vehicle may be a good place to start: Getting out of a clean, organized car and walking into your disorganized living space may give you inspiration to start keeping up your nest!


Start small and work your way up to avoid burnout! 

Organization Hack

Click the link below to get free printables to help you organize every space! I’ve included a page for every area I could think of, but there’s a blank template too, so you can customize your project.

CHEERS! -Breezy

Have a Goal

This is probably the the easiest way to be motivated to organize! When you walk into a space- be it your office, kitchen or closet- take a mental note…

Does this space function well for my needs? Is this space a reflection of my style? Can I easily find what I need in this space?

Make a goal– maybe the closet you envision has an extra shelf or two, to keep seasonal clothes stored away instead of crowding hanging space! The main goal of organization should be to make your space practical, so you can spend less time hunting for things, and more time enjoying it!

Making a To Do List

I know it can be daunting to organize any space, small or large. I have a method that keeps me on track every time…

I’m terrible at walking away from my organization project before it’s finished! My family could tell you I make a huge mess trying to clean! 😉 What gets me to come back to my project with fresh eyes is a “to do” list…

Take a look around the space you need to pull together. Make a list of what needs to be done in that space- (ex: pots and pans bursting from lower cabinets, mail piled up on the dining table…)

Making a list will help you stay on track and make the most impact! Keep your goal in mind, and ask yourself how the space can function better for your needs!


Call me a geek, but this is the most fun part of organization for me- shopping! Included in the free printable worksheets is a column for your shopping list.

Do you hate mismatched plastic totes like I do?! Once a year (or three) I’ll find myself needing more bins to store seasonal items, or things I just don’t use very much. Over time, I’ve gathered a collection of miscellaneous plastic totes that don’t stack, and make organization frustrating!

Fortunately, there are some amazing sites now that cater to organizing your home! A couple of my favorites include The Container Store and

Uline is GREAT if you need A LOT of matching storage, as they sell by the carton of containers, for much cheaper than you would pay elsewhere! They definitely understand how to get organized over there!

Get Creative With Organizing:

We are always on a budget in my house! I have a problem with the high prices of attractive storage solutions- even though baskets and containers last a long time, I’d rather spend my money on pretty things!

Here’s where you can get really creative to save money on organizing supplies… check out your local Big Lots stores, Dollar General Stores, and even Tractor Supply!

Just this weekend, I took the kids to Tractor Supply to check on gardening supplies. I found a huge, heavy duty plastic shelving unit on sale for only $25!

You never know what deals can be found when you search outside the box!

Of course, Target and Amazon have affordable, attractive storage solutions too! The trick to your organization plan is to write down the storage supplies or organizers you need as you go through your space! Take the pretty printables to the store with you, or pull them out next time you’re on Amazon.

Make Some Extra Cash When You Organize:

Who doesn’t love having a tidy space and earning some extra cash for the things you don’t use?!

My tips for getting rid of stuff you don’t need- donate it. So many times, the stuff we stow away and forget about could be super valuable for someone else! I’m a huge believer in sharing abundance, and if the idea of giving isn’t quite enough to make you part with your unused things- know that donation centers will offer you a receipt, so your donation is tax deductible!

If you have some things that are more valuable that you’d rather sell…

There’s an app for that! Letgo is an awesome resource for people who are selling nice (or new) items that they don’t need! And, a great place to source items that you, yourself may need at a deep discount!

Also, try your local Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade pages to post items you need gone! You’re post will be seen by TONS of people this way! AND- with the scam that Craigslist has become recently, (sorry Craigslist) you need to make sure you know a little about the person to whom you’re selling!

Meet in a public place for exchanges involving cash, and take a friend! 

Making extra cash is a super bonus when it comes to getting organized!

One Last Important Tip!

Go easy on yourself! Remember that getting your space organized is supposed to be a relief! You need a fresh look to your space, and you need space that works for you!

Don’t take organization to a place of stress. The point of getting your space, and your sh*t together is to have an environment that is less distracting, practical, and promotes confidence!

There is no shame in walking away and coming back to it later! Give yourself time, and use printables to plan your space. Let your living quarters reflect your personality while purging some of that stuff you don’t use!

I hope you’re encouraged & inspired to get organized for the new year!

Invite a friend or family member to get organized with you! Have a friendly competition, a challenge- to see who can totally transform their space!

Let me know how it goes, and don’t forget to subscribe for the newsletter! We’re going to be getting our sh*t together for the new decade, sharing expert tips & tricks for organization, finance,  and personal growth!

Sincerely Yours, Breezy