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Welcome to the Bootstraps Home School Portal!

As most of you know, I home school my two little boys. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to work with them one-on-one, and to build a curriculum around their specific interests!

Lately, our home school has been turned up-side down. Mama has been in crisis mode, along with the rest of the world!

Our Content is Evolving

First, The Public Health Crisis…

I tried to incorporate a lecture on viruses and germs back in February when we first learned about Corona virus. The lecture ended with the boys totally freaking out about playing outside- (our favorite daily activity.)

So, I backed off a bit. But we still talked daily about hygiene, immune systems, and respecting others’ health as well.

 Then There Were The Shortages…

After explaining that we may not be able to get the things that we need at the grocery stores anymore, I had the kids sit down with me and come up with lists of items we consume on a regular basis, followed by a ‘stock up’ trip.

It was an exhausting and stressful experience for all three of us. And, we actually got to see, together, that having extra supplies on hand can be extremely important when you don’t want to fight the crowds to the TeePee isle!

Then The Market Tanked

Finally, I incorporated a little financial education about our monetary system after witnessing the DOW take a nosedive in the following weeks. We traded some cash for a silver coin and talked a little about how folks used a barter system in the past when times were tough.

Needless to say-

We’ve been trading book work and science  experiments for discussions and practical skills training these last few months. 

Call me crazy, but I believe that education is a living, evolving thing. 

This is WHY I home school! Times are changing. It’s important to me that my kids’ education, as well as my OWN, grows and changes with the times we live in!

 Don’t Worry!

Although my focus has shifted from a more traditional home school structure to a hands- on approach, I am still keeping all the content that you love from our humble beginnings. The whole collection of traditional resources and articles is posted below!

Why is The Home School Page Changing at a Time When You Need to School at Home? 

We’ve seen our world change in a short time. As a mom, it’s been a huge wake-up call!

I realized that I’m not as self reliant as I believed. And even though I know I’m not alone, I have resolved to change it- to be less dependent on outside systems to feed and care for my little family! And, to teach my boys how to do the same!

I am so excited to share with you how I blend our normal curriculum with a focus on practical skills in coming months! And my kids, well they’re excited too! Together, we’re learning how to do some pretty awesome projects around the house, and to be thankful everyday for all that we have.

Find links to the Bootstraps Practical Skills Library below. We will be adding new content to this each month, with our favorite resources so you can try Skills Training too!

Please enjoy, and please comment below or send me an email! I want your input. Do you have a project in mind that you’d like to do with your kiddo? Maybe you are WAY more experienced and have some favorite resources to share?

I try to answer EVERY. SINGLE. EMAIL. Your ideas matter! And PS, Don’t forget to subscribe so you can follow along with our latest projects and discussions!

Sincerely, Breezy


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