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Welcome to the Bootstraps Home School Portal!

Here you’ll find links to all our resources we use for the home school!

It has been an ongoing journey to find what works best for us. I must tell you that I started off not knowing exactly what I wanted for our home school.

I envisioned field trips, art, music, laughter and joy! And then real life happened.

I was spending hours on pinterest. I wanted to encorporate every intriguing thing I found into our school! 

My method of hunting and gathering books and worksheets and activities ate up hours of my day. I quickly became disorganized and totally overwhelmed!

This year, we’re doing things differently. We have officially started the Robinson Curriculum, and it has SAVED our home school!

Our days are drama free! And the best part is, this curriculum has allowed me to have more free time, while teaching my children how to work independently.

Follow the links below to get the scoop on what we do and how we do it!

The Robinson Curriculum

I truly could not accomplish our home school dreams without first having established our flexible curriculum. Here’s what we use and why it works!

 Don’t Worry!

Although my focus has shifted from an eclectic home school to a more organized and simple approach, I am still keeping all the content that you love from our humble (and chaotic) beginnings!

I am so excited to share with you how I blend our normal curriculum with a focus on practical skills in coming months! 

And my kids, well they’re excited too! 

Find links to the Bootstraps Practical Skills Library below. We will be adding new content to this each month, with our favorite resources so you can try Practical Skills Training too!

Please enjoy, and please comment below or send me an email! I want your input.

Do you have a project in mind that you’d like to do with your kiddo? Maybe you are WAY more experienced and have some favorite resources to share?

I try to answer EVERY. SINGLE. EMAIL. Your ideas matter! And PS, Don’t forget to subscribe so you can follow along with our latest projects and discussions!

Sincerely, Breezy