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Budget Botanical Art Prints

Do you LOVE spending a Sunday afternoon catching up on the Fixer Upper show with Chip & Joanna Gaines? (along with millions of other ladies!) 

It’s safe to say, the looks on this show are downright drool-worthy! I became inspired by some wall decor I saw recently on a modern farmhouse style renovation. I thought, “I have HUGE walls, and HUGE wall art costs so much- what if there’s a way…”

To began the search for botanical art, I googled it. It took a LONG TIME, but I finally found what I was looking for!

The Source I Used For My Art :

Missouri has an online archive of thousands of botanical prints from long ago- luckily, this wealth of beautiful art has been optimized for download, and the images can be printed at high-resolution!!

Best of all, the downloads are FREE.

You can also use a search option if you’re interested in finding a SPECIFIC plant! Just right-click and download the images you want to your computer, and save them to a flash-drive! Now, you’re ready to let your local print shop do the work…

The Process-

I fell in love with 3 images. I downloaded them, and went off to the print shop to have them printed at a size of 24 inches wide, by 36 inches tall.

(This was especially fun, because the ladies at my local shop let the kids and I watch as the gigantic printing machine slowly spit out our artwork!)

I happily paid around $12 each for my prints, and headed to Lowe’s for dowels and tiny eye hooks to hang my new prints! Ideally, these botanical prints should look like vintage pull- down posters, like you would see in an old school house!

Materials Used for This Project:

  • Two Dowels
  • Small Can of Minwax Stain
  • Print Shop Botanical Print
  • Upholstry Stapler
  • 2 Tiny Eye Hooks
  • Twine for Hanging
Later when I got everything home, (much later, because the kiddos have to play in the outdoor display fountains at Lowe’s) I cut the dowels to 26 inches in length- that’s enough for a one inch overhang for the top and bottom of my posters. Then, I got out an old can of stain I had laying around…

*Tip- I like Minwax,it’s available in tiny cans for small projects like these!

First, stain your dowels and allow them to dry, (don’ forget the ends!) Then, with your trusty upholstery stapler, carefully line up the edges of your prints with the dowels and staple the paper to the wood.

(You could also use adhesive, but I didn’t want to run the risk of glue bleeding through the print! Over time, adhesive can deteriorate too- I used staples to make sure it all stayed together!)

Last, but not least, screw two tiny eye-hooks at the ends of the dowel on top, and cut some twine to thread through them to hang  NEW, OLD-LOOKING art!


The entire project for one poster cost about $16 total! Did I mention this was an AMAZING Mother’s Day gift?!

My Mom loves Lilly of the Valley flowers. Missouri Botanical website happened to have this plant in the archive, and I made one of these for her for mothers day! I don’t think I told her how little it cost though 😉

My finished project came out better than I planned- Take That Fixer Upper!

I’m very pleased with how easily this came together, and even though I used a family- owned print shop, you may be able to save even MORE by utilizing Kinkos or Staples to get your prints.

Please feel free to copy this project step by step and tell me what you think! Better yet, send pictures! I love to inspire creativity, and this is one project that’s super easy and satisfying! (The hardest part was pulling the kids out of the fountains!)

Happy DIYing! And Don’t forget to subscribe for more ideas on cheap, easy DIY projects!

Sincerely Yours, Breezy


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