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As a single mom on a budget, I’m always looking for the BEST DEALS when it comes to holiday shopping- that’s why in 2019, I’ve decided to bring you my favorite bargains!

Week one was mostly about the adults– but this week, I found some really GREAT SALES on toys, games and tech for the kiddos this Christmas season!

Better yet- you don’t have to wait ’til Thanksgiving to snatch things up! All the holiday deals are coming earlier each year, making shopping a little less stressful for the budget- savvy shopper!

Let’s Dig In…

The Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

40% off this week for early Black Friday Shoppers! That’s only $59.99 + FREE shipping for prime members!

In my opinion, this is an EXCELLENT alternative to Samsung and iPad. My kids are so rough on their toys and electronics! It’s not easy for me to spend hundreds of dollars on tech for toddlers…

I’ve had to purchase the “kid-friendly” protective cases separately, and that only adds to the initial investment-

The durable kid- proof case that you see in the photo comes WITH the Kindle Fire 7. Choose your color- pink, blue, or purple! You also get a 2- year, FREE REPLACEMENT guarantee, 16 GB Storage, and up to 7 hours of battery life on a 7″ screen.

Moms and Dads seem to be really happy with this device, (4.5 stars out of 5.) It has a variety of parental controls to keep the kiddos from exploring unsavory material, and Amazon is including 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited at no charge– giving the kids access to thousands of apps, games, videos and books!

I recommend your own research on ANY electronics before you purchase, but even YouTube(rs) give this tablet a good overall recommendation!

Bottom line- keep it simple for the kids this holiday season! If you were considering a new device, the Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition is budget-friendly with a great FREE replacement promise (in case it breaks), AND you can save yourself the hassle of having to add in all the parental controls.

Hurry! This deal is expiring! If you’re considering a “big kid” toy this holiday- THIS IS IT!

The SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable WiFi Drone

has too many cool features to list. This drone is a STEAL at $56.09, originally priced at $90! It rates 4.3 out of 5 stars in customer reviews, and to be honest, I haven’t done much research on these fancy flying devices, but here are the specs…

The Foldable A15 Drone comes with a 120- degree wide-angle, 720P HD Camera with adjustable angle, and with the press of one key, you can easily share your photos & videos!

It’s  equipped with smart voice control, which means it’s basically hands- free! No clunky remote control- the voice controls make it easy for beginner flyers to use!

Apparently, you can use your smart phone with this device to draw a flight path for this drone to follow. Called Trajectory Flight Function, this is a fairly new drone technology, and for me- this feature would be at the top of my priority list! (Who wants to buy their kid a fancy drone, only for it to get lost?!) I think this function solves that problem!

The A15 Drone works with both Android AND iPhone, with real-time transmission so you can watch a live stream of your flight on your device!

It has an Altitude Hold Mode– so the user can easily hold the craft in place in mid-air to capture photos. 3-D Flip Function allows the drone to flip 360 degrees in mid- air,( like watching a stunt plane!) with 3 Speed Modes.

2 Lithium Ion batteries are included.

The Gotrovo Family Treasure Hunt Game

For younger kids, (age 3-10)  is a welcome break from the presently popular tech toys!

This scavenger hunt game was created for the purpose of bringing family’s together! It won the Mom’s Choice Award for excellence for family- friendly media.

Use brain- teasing clues, picture cards, and riddles to hunt for treasure coins like a pirate!

I must say, I watched the video reviews of this game before listing it here- (just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean the kiddos will like it!) My heart melted when I saw the excitement of kids finding treasure! And, like most of you, I often feel so disconnected with my littles, as we’re all distracted with devices so much of the time!

What a simple way to spend QUALITY time, doing something FUN, EXCITING and MEMORABLE!

It’s a GREAT BUY for a kids game, on sale for a short time on Amazon $19.58, (originally  $29.95.)

Kids 100-Piece Workbench Set

I couldn’t resist this DEAL– I have two little boys who LOVE to help me with DIY projects around the house. I’m really protective of my tools- and of course the kids’ safety too! That’s why I’m always on the lookout for TOY tools that look like my “mommy tools”!

I found this ENTIRE workbench set for only $30.99 today while I was browsing, (regular price $45.99)

This puts a BIG toy with TONS of fun pieces within reach as a budgeter! Think about eyes lighting up as they open the largest box under the tree!

This 100-piece set is complete with a TON OF TOOLS, my favorites being the power drill, (that looks real- so they’ll be contented to use their own!) a tape measure, (cause, you know, we may have had a few cuts on little hands trying to use mommy’s aluminum tape) Nuts/ Screws/ Bolts/ Nails/ Drill Bits and even their own carrying case!

No more getting into moms tool box!

This set is made of a more premium, high- quality plastic, for lasting fun! Don’t miss the sale on this amazing work bench and tool set- inspire the DIY!

6 Foot Long Keyboard for Kids

Please tell me you remember watching Tom Hanks playing a larger-than-life piano on the movie “Big”…

That’s exactly what I thought of when I saw this gracing store shelves over the summer!

Of course, the kids immediately wanted one- and lucky for you, I found it, ON SALE, just in time for the holidays!

This 6-foot long keyboard might be your kids’ first “intro to music” at home- What better way to feed creativity for your miniature musician in the family?!

To my delight, it has 8 different instrument settings, so if the piano sound gets repetitive, you can just switch to a different instrument for a totally new sound!

The keyboard features 10 built-in classical songs (with color-coded cards) for your child to mimic, and the record/ playback feature lets them compose custom songs just for you, or track their progress!

Don’t forget the batteries! 3 AAA batteries required for this toy.

That does it for Week 2 of Black Friday Deal Spotting- it’s all about the kiddos! But don’t forget, we still have MANY WEEKS until Christmas- sign up for the BYB Newsletter below so I can keep you posted on every CHEAP DIY, YUMMY RECIPE, & AMAZING SALE I can find to round-out 2019!

Sincerely Yours, Breezy 

P.S. (Amazon Hack) If you missed the sale price on a particular item, don’t worry! Add it to your cart anyway- when the price drops again you’ll receive a nifty little notification from Amazon, letting you know that your item is back in budget! Cheers!  


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