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Soup and Sandwiches

My kids are huge fans of this Easy Baked Sandwich and Soup Recipe I created in my poor college days- It’s perfect for those busy nights when you need something warm and filling in only a few minutes, and on a budget!  I created this for myself and my roommates...

The Envelope Method

I spent many years as a server in a family owned restaurant. This was my first job, and over my 14 year tenure, working for tips, I have discovered the BEST techniques for budgeting & saving! See, back then, the hourly minimum wage was $2.13 (you could definitely...

3 Steps To Financial Freedom

When I was starting out on my own with my first apartment, car payment, insurance etc.. CASH was King. Times have changed…   Most people today prefer to bank electronically with large, national conglomerate banking systems like Wells Fargo or Bank of...


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