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We all want beautiful spaces. For me, decorating my home is more than just filling rooms with pretty stuff, (even though that’s my favorite part!) it’s about reflecting who I am, and knowing where I belong. 

When I walk inside at the end of a long day, my home is there for me. It knows exactly what I need! Fluffy throw blankets, (because you know the comfy pants are coming!) extra pillows… all my favorite books at my fingertips..

And if you’re like me, decor is practical. I think most of us feel scattered mentally when our surroundings are a mess.

Decor serves a purpose- being COMFORTABLY ORGANIZED, so that tidying up is a breeze and we can get back to the joy of  living!

Are you hands-on when it comes to your house? Most of us don’t have an endless supply of cash or time, how do you decorate at your house?

If you need some help, let me share with you all the ways I’ve been able to decorate and organize my home on a RAZOR THIN BUDGET, in just a little more time than it takes to receive an end table from Amazon!

Let’s create looks that are beautiful and practical, pretty but washable! 

Kids and dogs obviously take a toll on things- but you can have a gorgeous interior without fretting about maintenance or costly replacements!

Pull Yourself up By Your Bootstraps! Here are a few of my favorite DIY’S that have saved TONS of money, but look like boutique purchases. (If I could, I WOULD!) 

 Your Furniture

Can be pieced together as you find sales and discounts! I’m not wealthy- hence the name By Your Bootstraps, but I do LOVE expensive home decor!


Target and TJ Maxx are a couple of my favorite spots to clearance shop. But I must admit that most of my very favorite furnishings came from yard sales and estate sales! Get on your local Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade pages for some amazing, quality statement pieces for CHEAP, then re-finish to make them your own!

Inherit some ugly furniture? Did you see it “UPCYCLED” recently at a boutique and want to make it happen?! Here are a few of my favorite finishes, WITH DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS, to give your old furniture character!

Estate Sale Chairs Makeover

I bought these babies for $20 for the set of 4 at a local estate sale, granted, they were in pretty rough shape!

Years of wear and tear had worn out the finish on the seats down to bare wood. I decided to rescue these anyway- after all, $5 per chair is hard to pass up! And, I was determined to get that farmhouse look I love!

Here’s what I came up with to accomplish my vision…

I’ll take you step-by-step so you can get this look on any sturdy piece of furniture you dream to re-finish!


1. Sample Paint from Lowe’s. I used these colors-

Green=Sherwin Williams “Into the Green” this is probably my favorite color I’ve used for furniture!

Blue=Clearance mis-tint paint in a VIBRANT turquoise (unnamed) color

White=Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

2. Sandpaper. A LOT of Sandpaper. 80 grit/ 120 grit and 220 grit

3. I needed 1/4 inch dowels to replace the lost spindles on my chairs.

4. Satin finish polyurethane from Lowe’s

5. Brushes. If you can afford nice ones, buy Purdy brand and take care of them as they will last through MANY projects! If you’re only doing a couple of pieces and don’t plan to re-use them, get cheap brushes- but DON”T USE FOAM for this project!


1. First, Use 60 Grit sandpaper to sand your piece as evenly as possible, don’t kill yourself here! You’ll likely have a thicker finish in some spots on your furniture. The goal is to get any clear coat finish off of the wood underneath. 60 Grit is a COURSE paper that will give your wood a texture for your new paint to grab on to! Be gentle with courser papers!

2. Next, to create a layered look, apply paint in a light base coat. I only did one coat, as I knew I really wanted wanted a worn look. Don’t be afraid to go for a two- tone look! You can do the base of your piece a different color than the top. For these chairs, I left the lattuce on the backs white.

3. Let your base coat dry, and then lightly sand with 120 grit paper. Don’t go too crazy with sanding- we don’t want to take ALL the paint off! Sand Quickly, Lightly, and mostly in those spots on the furniture that get more traffic.

5. Let your piece dry, and now you can really get creative! Play with your finish! Take 120 grit sandpaper and knock off some paint or add paint in areas that look thin.

 6. When you’re happy with the look, you’ll want to preserve it! Use a cheap brush to apply a thick coat of polyurethane. This clear coat comes in different finishes- I use satin because it isn’t extremely shiny like a high- gloss poly. You want your furniture to look antique, but also preserve your hard work!

There are ENDLESS possibilities to the look you can achieve with these techniques- from the colors you choose, to the sanding patterns and final clear coat fininsh. You can even pick up some fancy stencils at Hobby Lobby to add some detailed artwork without having to be an artist yourself!

Be creative and fearless! Remember, it’s just paint! If you make a mistake, you can paint over it!

Please share your finished project with me! I get so much inspiration from others, and I would LOVE to see how this turns out for you!

More Where That Came From-

Check out these other budget-savvy DIYs that happened since moving to the new house! Do you have huge blank walls like I do?

Make some Rustic Barn Wood Wall Decor for CHEAP, or Steal this tutorial for Joanna Gaines inspired Botanical Prints (on a budget)

Large Botanical Prints

This idea came from the popular show Fixer Upper. My walls are BIG, and I need Big art to fill them on a TINY budget. Read the full tutorial on this boanical art for less than $20!

Rustic Barn Wood Wall Decor

This easy DIY gave me huge bang for my buck! For just a few dollars and two hours of my time, this project really makes a statement! Let me show you how

Cheers to COLOR!

Browse the best deals for color-pop home decor on amazon!

Add a splash of color with lighting

Inexpensive pillow covers add a personality

Colorful, trendy decor doesn’t need to be expensive! Instead of spending $24-$45 a piece on your seasonal throw pillows, get pillow covers for around $5 each!

Lamps are also a great place to add color in a bland space. Check your local Facebook buy/ sell pages OR second-hand store for ugly lamps you can paint yourself!

Rugs- are pricey, but  offers floor coverings that add color and texture while fitting my budget. They have regular clearance and sales events, and once you’re on the mailing list, it’s impossible to miss a bargain!

*Also check the end-caps of decor shelves at Target every. time. you. go! I once purchased a colorful queen size duvet set for around $10!

Seasonal Decorating- Done.

If you know me, you know that  am constantly changing my space to reflect my taste. One of my favorite things to do a few times a year is to change my decor with the seasons!

When I was younger, I thought seasonal decor was really only for wealthy people. I was determined that someday I would be able to decorate my home to reflect the seasons, and add memorable touches for anyone whom I was fortunate enough to host!

I’m still not wealthy as I hoped to be by now- but I discovered ways to save A LOT of money on decor over the years, and now I want to share these decorating hacks with YOU!

Shop seasonally. And by that I mean shop for fall stuff post- Thanksgiving 

FORGET BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING! Be at Hobby Lobby first thing after Thanksgiving to bag some serious STEALS on fall decor for next year! Does it take more time to build your seasonal decor this way? Yes, yes it does, but if your thrifty like me, it’s exhilarating to collect beautiful things for pennies on the dollar when you know your neighbor spent a fortune for the SAME LOOK!

Fall is my favorite decorating season, but you know this same rule applies for Spring, Summer and Winter too! Shop off season and score for up to 80% less than it would have cost to decorate at peak season!

Holiday Hack

My favorite place to get Christmas decor is Kirkland’s. Be there at open the day after Christmas- don’t delay! I was late figuring this out, because the Christmas stuff goes FAST over there! Looks like I spent A TON on my Christmas decor, when actually, I didn’t!

Also get to TJ Maxx just after your Kirkland’s haul. Here, you’ll find on-trend papers, bows, gift tags and bags for pennies! Stash away for next year!

Happy DIY Decorating!

It’s easy for me get so inspired by others’ style- Show me your projects! Please send photos of your own home decorating WINS, and if you have specific questions about any of the finishes or materials used in these posts, feel free to contact me or comment!

Don’t forget to subscribe– I will never be finished building my dream! There are so many more creative and seasonal decor ideas coming!

Sincerely Yours, Breezy


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