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Have you recently caught the “entrepreneur bug”? Do you dream of starting your own business?

Maybe you’re a parent- to your terror, your kid has decided to start his own YouTube channel instead of going to college…

I’m there. I’m a single parent of two little boys, (whom I home school) and I’ve been laser- focused on creating a successful business from home for a while now!

It’s not easy- at least, not for those of us who grew up without all these social media platforms, ecommerce sites & ebooks- all at the tips of our fingers!

Rest easy- more millionaires are being created EVERY. SINGLE. DAY thanks to the internet! And there are infinite ways to make money online, with little to no investment- but you MUST have CREATIVITY & DETERMINATION.

So if you’re someone who’s serious about building a business from scratch & growing it beyond your wildest dreams… Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps! I’ve completed my list of top 5 most inspirational books for the budding entrepreneur! 

**I have read these books personally that I am about to recommend… plus many more over the course of a year. These 5 are books that gave me THE MOST PROFOUND insight on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. I’m sure there are many more out there- please feel free to leave a comment if I must include more!

Rich Dad Poor Dad


Probably the most important book you can get a hold of if you want to understand the money game, is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Countless entrepreneurs credit this man with giving them the practical knowledge and perspective NEEDED to be successful in their business!

I personally subscribe to The Rich Dad Channel on YouTube, & tune in RELIGIOUSLY to listen in as he and his wife, Kim, interview some of the most interesting and influential people of our time!

I put this book at the very top of the list on purpose- to REALLY get your creative juices flowing on business, money and leverage! 

It’s not only informative, but entertaining too- Mr. Kiyosaki outlines his upbringing, his biological father being his poor dad, and his best friends’ father being his rich dad-

Robert grew up with two opposite messages about money & business. Choosing which role model he would follow as a young man was difficult. But ultimately, Mr. Kiyosaki chose to follow his passions and develop a financial IQ that would lead him to become RICH with assets and cash-flow!

His book will help you understand what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the rest of us.

Mr. and Mrs. Kiyosaki have dedicated their lives to educating the public- education that you will never get at any school. 

Begin to raise YOUR financial IQ by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad 

The 4- Hour Workweek


by Tim Ferriss is a longer read. But, I became enveloped in this book, because Mr. Ferriss is an excellent example of the modern entrepreneur!

Online commerce is changing the world- there’s just no disputing that. The internet marketing world is open to anyone and everyone- and it costs very little money to get started!

Whether you dream of affiliate marketing, creating your own product, writing ebooks, or running ads for small businesses- The 4 Hour Workweek has EVERY RESOURCE YOU NEED within it’s pages to get started, and to scale!

This book was written with the sole purpose to inform. The main idea of the book is PASSIVE INCOME. These days, retirement and pension have taken on a negative appeal. Passive income while travelling the world- that’s what the modern generations hope to accomplish!

Mr. Ferriss will tell you exactly where to go online to build a seamless, passive business over time. If you were reaching out for the “HOWS” of getting started in online business- this is the book for you!

It’s also a book about hope for people like myself- you don’t need a fancy degree to start a business. You don’t need a lot of money to start. You don’t need employees, or even a desk! After reading The 4 Hour Workweek, I promise you’ll be more motivated and excited than EVER to make your dreams of entrepreneurship a reality!


The Happiness Advantage

I’m just finishing up The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor. This has been an amazing book for me, personally.

Have you ever been told that success brings happiness? Turns out, that message is exactly the opposite of TRUE!

There is a thread that underlies success among people in every niche, across race, religion, economic opportunity and education-

Happy people BECOME successful people.

30 years of research shows us that our attitudes in life determine how we make decisions, how we respond to crisis, how we deal with disappointment, and the list goes on…

What a perfect individual to bring us this information- Mr. Achor has spent much of his adult life in college. Harvard, actually. WHAT?! That’s right- he’s been a student, (he earned his BA) after which he taught courses and lectured at Harvard. Mr. Achor became a Proctor, helping undergrads navigate their college experience.

After observing thousands of Harvard students and speaking with under-privileged youth abroad, Shawn compiled a wealth of information about happiness, and it’s far-reaching effects on financial success, health and relationships.

 I included this book, because it’s really hard to remember happiness when you’re trying to build something!

Adopting the practice of happiness, in my own life, has allowed me to be a better entrepreneur, as well as a better mom and friend! 

Think and Grow Rich


Napoleon Hill is a facsinating man, but even more exciting are the men and women he surrounded himself with while composing this book!

Think and Grow Rich is Mr. Hill’s lifes work. He was asked by Andrew Carnegie himself to find and document all the reasons why some people become WILDLY successful.

We’re talking about the original success stories that made America- the common attributes of JP Morgan, The Rockefeller Family, Charles Schwab, and President Woodrow Wilson to name a few…

All of these fantastic characters from the industrial revolution and beyond had qualities and practices that determined their immense success.

In this book, you will uncover EXACTLY the processes and pshycology that led to thier individual greatness. The pages are full of excersizes you SHOULD complete to define your purpose and develop yourself as an outstanding entreprenuer!

I found nothing tedious about this book whatever- except the occational referance or instruction to go back and read through previous chapters. And I must admit, each time I re-read, I grasped a whole new concept I had missed before!

I became aware of this book while listening to one of my favorite motivational speakers- Bob Proctor.

Mr. Proctor has implemented each strategy in this book, and studied it deeply over his lifetime. His success, in fact, he dedicates SOLELY to Think And Grow Rich.

This book makes my list because it’s truly a ROAD MAP (if there ever was such a thing) to becoming successful, no matter what your condition!


The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins is one of my favorite motivational mentors! Like so many other great entrepreneurs- she’s been at rock bottom.

The 5 Second Rule was an unintended book- at a time in her life when she couldn’t even find the strength to face the day, Mel found the most SIMPLE KEY to facing her fears and moving on!

She is now a New York Times best selling author & highly paid motivational speaker. I’ve been listening to her “coffee talks” on her YouTube channel for a long time…

(I recommend her Mindset Reset program to EVERYONE struggling with being “stuck!”)

Mel recently go her own syndicated TV show too, (The Mel Robbins Show) talk about a lady who knows TRANSFORMATION first hand!

The 5 Second Rule is super entertaining, super motivating, and best of all- Mel’s strategy works!

By using  5 Second Rule, you can become a better decision maker. You will be more productive. You’ll learn to give your time to the right things in the moment it counts!


Looking Forward to 2020…
I must tell you guys- I have never read so much in my life as I do right now! I feel like I have A LOT of catch- up to do when it comes to seeking greatness, and getting fired up to blaze my own path!

From listening to my favorite motivational channels and podcasts, to reading, to taking some self- development time during the week…

These things have made a huge impact emotionally, spiritually-

Please share with me the voices, the practices, the habitts that keep you together! 

Comment in the section below, and subscribe to receive more tools and resources that fill you up as an independent thinker!

Sincerely yours, Breezy


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