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Black Friday seems to come earlier every year these days, but lucky for you- we don’t have to wait ’til Thanksgiving to get some of the best pre- Christmas bargains!

As a single mom, Amazon is my favorite place to find deals for my kiddos at Christmas!

I can see reviews of all the items I’m considering, so there’s a slim chance of disappointment, AND Amazon will remind me to scoop up packages of batteries as I shop, so I don’t forget them later!

Also, since I’m a stay at home mom, it’s NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to sneak gifts into my cart at the store without anyone noticing!

After nearly being busted by my kids at Target last year- (trying to layer stocking stuffers with PJ’s and groceries to conceal them)  I decided to get serious about online shopping for the holidays!

Great News- Amazon will be having WAVES of sales from now until “the big day” that include some of the most sought-after electronics and toys of 2019!

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Need a Charge?

Everyone who owns a smartphone (all of us) needs to have a backup battery source- we use our phones ALL. THE. TIME. It’s inevitable that the phone seems to die at the worst time possible!

Nix your “chrging routine”- If you’ve got an iPhone 8 plus, 7 plus, 6s plus, or 6 plus this charging case by LoHi can extend your battery life up to 240%!

Normally $55.99, you can snatch this baby up for a limited time on Amazon for just $35.99 + FREE Shipping (if you’re a Prime member)

I’ve done the research for you here- the reviews on this charging case are GREAT, 4.3 out of 5 stars! Easy to install & clean, durable* & easy to hold… this is a perfect accessory for the iPhone, without an enormous price tag!

Grilling Mitts

Do you have a friend or family member who loves to grill or cook? I know I do- in fact, I’m one of them! 

These Heat Resistant Silicone Mitts have a double-layer design, are easy to clean, and 100% waterproof. They will better protect your wrists and arms too- as the design is about 3 inches longer than typical mitts. 

The mitts have a soft, cotton lining- so unlike other silicone products, they won’t suction to your hands when you need to pull them off! 

I found these on Amazon as one of their “Lightning” deals at 70% off the regular price of $34.99. They’re on sale now for just $10.57! Snatch these up as an expensive-looking stocking stuffer for your favorite chef! 

Heated Socks?!

For all the guys and gals out there who work outdoors in the cold, OR for those of us who are sensitive to cold- Global Vasion Heated Socks can keep you WARM & TOASTY.

In my opinion, this is a home- run gift for EVERYONE! Elderly folks with poor circulation, construction workers, farmers; even as a petite lady who gets chilled all the time in my house- I would LOVE to have a pair of these around for the season!

These socks have high reviews for comfort, battery life, and value. For a limited time, you can get these cozy favorites in grey or black for $36.54 on sale! (regular price $42.99) These are going pretty quick- so if you miss this deal the first time around, keep watching them! Colder weather will bring these techy socks back to the Daily Deals page for sure!

For Your Gamer

Are you planning to spring for a new gaming system this holiday? With SO MANY DEALS posting in coming weeks, I will surely keep you informed on the lowest prices on XBox, Playstation and Nintendo! But if you’re like me, the whole family is asking what THEY can get the kiddos for Christmas!

I found these Alwup Stereo Gaming Headsets this week on sale for just $19.79! (Regular price $21.99)

The ratings are great for the price-point, and they just look pretty darn cool if you ask me! These would be a perfect “side-kick gift” for your game system. This headset is compatible with PS4 & XBox One- with surround sound, anti- noise mic, & soft memory earmuffs! Pick yours up today, or send the link to Grandma!

That concludes this weeks round-up of early Black Friday 2019! Each week until Christmas, I’ll be pounding the internet on YOUR behalf – the budget-savvy shopper! Subscribe to receive my latest Black Friday finds. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Ultimate Holiday Decor on a Budget article as well! I’ll show you how I decorate my home for the holidays on a shoestring budget!

Sincerely Yours, Breezy  


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