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My first job is being Mom.

I’m dedicated to raising my own kids and home schooling.

I got some push back on my dreams of  home schooling from the beginning, and I’m so proud to say that this endeavor is turning out to be the best decision I’ve made for my kids, and for myself too!

I’m now on a mission to help every parent who is interested in how to home school!

Recently, we’ve ALL had a small taste of home school- for better or worse!

For those parents out there who are concerned about public education, I have some amazing resources here in the Home School Portal for you to utilize that won’t require you to quit your job to home school your kiddo!

My second job, and real passion is to lead by example…

With our world being turned upside down in this moment, what has been the thing you hold onto the most for stability?

For me, it has been character traits like resilience, independence and work ethic.

Are our children being taught positive character traits through public education and pop culture? If your answer is no, we have the same concerns!

Now more than ever, it’s easy to question whether we can rely on our life lessons to carry us into the future!

We have many challenges today that require us to be more independent and strategic. My opinion is that this is a time that requires us to pass down valuable practical skills and critical thinking to our children! Let me show you how with the practical skills library!

With challenges come victories!

The way that our public schools are designed to test for excellence is doing a great disservice to our youth Our kids are being trained to accept one right answer every time, or face consequences. The curriculum that we use sets up an opportunity to creative problem solve!

There is hardly ever one right answer in life, rather, some of the wrong decisions we make offer the greatest lessons! But sadly, many of our kids are paralyzed with fear of having the wrong answer

Mistakes should be celebrated as opportunities to learn! Practice with us as we use mistakes to teach life lessons in the home school. Pull yourself up By Your Bootstraps!

Teaching Personal Finance

I worked in restaurants from a young age, and grew up financially in lack. Having relied on tips to pay bills for many years taught me to do more with less and to be resourceful with money!

You’ll find a special page on here dedicated to personal financebecause I’ve been there, and I’m here to share my greatest tools and advice if you struggle with this area!

Finance for Kids

More than that- I am opposed to training our children in the traditional lessons of finance. (Get a degree/ Get a Job/ Buy a House/ Save for Retirement…)

These rules are outdated! The vail has been lifted, and we all know now that the future belongs to entrepreneurs!

As I expand my curriculum, I’ll be sharing every resource I use to teach the kids to be leaders instead of followers in their financial lives!

Here’s an open invitation

To be a Bootstrapper! Join me and thousands of families in our home school journey. Subscribe for the latest tools and tutorials. Share all your questions and success with us! Visit our shop and grab some swag!

I truly can’t wait to meet you!

Sincerely Yours, Breezy

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