I’m Breezy, creator of By Your Bootstraps. It’s always been my passion to help others learn & grow, especially when life throws a curve ball!

I recently became a single parent. And, honestly- even though I felt like a single parent before the separation, every aspect of life has changed for my boys and I- for the better.

HOW? I found SUPER POWERFUL tools that have transformed my life crisis into a new beginning! I found peace, inner strength and purpose in every day as I manage my kids, homeschooling, finance, housekeeping, and the rest.

I am so thrilled to be able to share these tools with all the single parents out there struggling with day-to-day issues!

A little background info- I’ve always been financially independent. I worked in restaurants from a young age, and had excellent coaching in personal finance from my wonderful family since the beginning. I’ve also made mistakes though- and I can confidently say those mistakes made me better at budgeting and negotiating! 

Personal finance is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT skill for everyone- but when you’re a single parent, it becomes ESSENTIAL. Read 3 Steps to Financial Freedom to get started with your personal finance education. This will help you with budgeting skills, but also show you how to snowball your savings over time- so that you can have the quality of life you deserve, even on just a single income!

I’m a stay-at-home mom. I know this isn’t possible for a lot of single parents, but I have been dedicated from day 1 to raising my kids myself. That includes school too- for now. I want raise my kids with practical knowledge that they can use throughout life to live their dreams and achieve beyond the economic standard. 

If you can’t home school, that’s totally ok- I have some strategies you can use outside of school time that will help you connect with your kiddos, make QUALITY time, and be the ROLE MODEL they need during this life transition & beyond.

Having kids also means making sure they get THE BEST of you. This is SUPER difficult- especially when you’re struggling with mountains of stress! Time management becomes key- and it’s a constant balancing act. Knowing when YOU need some self care, and when your kids need your individual attention can be overwhelming!

I can say first-hand, that I’m learning (almost) as fast as my kids are changing, how I can manage my time so that I don’t get burnt out so often, and I want to help YOU do this as well.

Self Care as a Single Parent is an article I wrote one night after realizing my own exhaustion, stress, and negative attitude was not only mine- it was affecting my kids. I decided to take MINUTES for myself during the day, when previously I waited months to try to get a whole day to myself. (That strategy was NOT working!) In this article, I explain exactly what I do during Mommy Time to re-energize and come back to the kids with a positive mindset!



Bottom line- I’m still learning what it takes to keep it all together. I don’t expect to ever figure it all out- but a little progress each day makes the WORLD of difference! 

Join me as I navigate single parenthood. Share your stories and your biggest obstacles. Share all the ways you’ve become bigger and better than your situation, or share all the reasons you just can’t get above water! 

My goal is to build a community of single parents that help one-another achieve our goals, to step into our new roles with confidence and optimism! 

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Sincerely Yours, Breezy


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