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 I’m Breezy, creator of By Your Bootstraps. It’s always been my passion to help others learn & grow, especially when life throws a curve ball!

I recently became a single parent. And, honestly- even though I felt like a single parent before the separation, every aspect of life has changed for my boys and I- for the better.

HOW? I found SUPER POWERFUL tools that have transformed my life crisis into a new beginning! I found peace, inner strength and purpose in every day as I manage my kids, homeschooling, finance, housekeeping, and the rest.

I am so thrilled to be able to share these tools with you, in fact, I’m certain I’ve found my purpose in helping others’ fulfill your wildest dreams! That’s why I’m working on a series of books-

How To Get Your Sh*t Together… 9 Easy Habits YOU Can Use Everyday!

A little background info- I’ve always been financially independent. I worked in restaurants from a young age, and had excellent coaching in personal finance from my wonderful family since the beginning. I’ve also made mistakes though- and I can confidently say those mistakes made me better at keeping my sh*t together in times of uncertainty! 

But more than that- 

 I can say first-hand, that I’m learning (almost as fast as my kids are changing) how I can manage my time so that I don’t get burnt out so often! How to maximize my strengths, magnify my success, and give to myself FIRST so that I can give to others. I want to help YOU do this as well!

I”ll explain exactly all the resources that I’ve discovered to overcome adversity and rise to meet every challenge- and how YOU can do the same!

Here’s an open invitation- join me in this stressful, wonderful, organized mess that we live everyday, and reach our biggest goals and greatest potential! Share all the ways you’ve become bigger and better than your situation, or share all the reasons you just can’t seem to get it together!

 My goal is to build a community, to help one-another achieve! Subscribe below, and don’t forget to click the social follow buttons for everyday wisdom, motivation and hilarious lessons in adversity!

 Sincerely Yours, Breezy



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