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Want to get creative with your stockings this year? My kids are getting a little bigger, and instead of the usual m&ms and candy canes, I decided to find some inexpensive, thoughtful “bonus presents”! I’m so excited to share what I found!…   

The Magnet Puzzle-

Last year, my two kids and I ended up at a relative’s home out of town for a Thanksgiving. It was a long drive- and my fidgety boys were ready to wreak some havoc after being pinned to car seats for hours! I prepared for bad behavior at dinner, and then…

They found this Magnet Puzzle on an end table. Not only were they silent, they manipulated the magically magnetized objects for more than two hours while the grown-ups shared coffee and company! 

As you can imagine, I quickly searched for this thing on Amazon upon returning home! It’s way more inexpensive than I thought- $13.99+ free prime shipping! 

(Note- This is not for really small kids- the pieces are tiny and can be swallowed. Mature kids only!)

The Gift of Music

I didn’t realize how wonderful shower time could be until I bought a waterproof wireless speaker! (I’m probably way behind the technology curve on this one!) Last year, my mom received a blue tooth speaker as a gift. When I came to visit for a couple weeks I enjoyed that thing so much I decided to buy one for myself! But the kids don’t share my old-school taste in music…

If you’ve got a teenager at home, this is the perfect stocking stuffer- just remember to gift yourself a pair of noise-cancelling headphones 😉

Do you have a griller in your family? Check out this BBQ Branding Iron I found!

This was a steal at $16! And it’s unique- not something you’d usually find for the man in your life… Enough with the Walmart Axe Gift sets already! Gift something thoughtful, AND AMUSINGHe can label his steaks with whatever inappropriate nick-names he wants! (If you don’t know yours yet- you’ll soon find out!)

For the Pet Lover-

My grandparent’s recently lost their fur baby of 15 years. They’re “snow birds”, travelling from the mid-west to Florida in the winter, and their precious Yorkie traveled with them EVERYWHERE. Grandpa didn’t know what to do with her ashes- where to bury her?

I was heart broken. There must be a way they could take her with them…

I found a company on etsy that specializes in personalized pet products, for people- and when Grandpa received his beautiful key chain engraved with his beloved pet’s name he was truly touched!


You can’t really put a price on these kinds of gifts- but I think these personal charms are VERY reasonable- and if you love giving sentimental things like I do, I highly recommend this store for their beautiful products and quick shipping time! Visit SJ Expressions on Etsy to gift to the pet-lover in your life!

I don’t know of anyone in my family that doesn’t LOVE a new flashlight!

Kids seem to lose things, A LOT. Did you ever rush to grab a light in a sudden power outage and find the batteries missing? Yeah- they’re most likely in the toybox, good luck finding them in the dark!

These SUPER BRIGHT LED flashlights are super durable and have settings for brightness, as well as an emergency strobe feature! Best of all- this is a two pack. you can throw one in the junk drawer AND the car, (my preferred backup storage where little hands don’t search!)

Throw these in the stockings for EVERYONE on your list, affordable at $17 for 2!

Get LED Flashlights

Activity Books

I’m one of those parents that loves to see my kids get creative! I will go to great lengths to keep my kids busy with something OTHER than video games and TV!

Activity books that teach a hands-on skill are awesome stocking stuffers! They’re not expensive, and after the batteries run down and the levels are mastered, activity books provide that perfect distraction!

You can find this Paper Plane Activity Kit on Amazon

Bath Bombs for the Mermaid Princess in Your Family

Bath bombs have been around for a long time, and now they come with toys and jewelry inside! Whether your little one like dinosaurs, unicorns or mermaids, you’re sure to find a bath bomb to suit just about everyone! 

Art Supplies

Kids love to get creative! Sometimes the simple things win the day at Christmastime, and what better way to show that you appreciate their inner artist than with art supplies?! 

I found this adorable tube of Jumbo Crayons specifically for tiny hands! 

Manicure Set

Do you have a teen or tween girl in the family? A thing that has saved me A TON of money as a young girl is learning to do my own manicures!

Gift a young lady in your life this year by giving her- her very own nail care set! (A bottle of polish is a most welcomed sidekick!) Learning to care for her own nails and hair is a skill we practice forever! 

I found this 12 Piece Stainless Set for under $14! 

For the Guys

I found this super cool set of Ice Molds the other day while shopping for rocks glasses. For less than $10, you bet I scooped these up for the military family members in my life! But let’s be honest- you don’t have to be military to appreciate bullet- shaped ice! Ha! 

Here’s the link for the perfect Ice Molds for the men in the house!

That does it for this list of inexpensive, awesome stocking stuffers for everyone on your list this year! Please stay awhile and get some more Holiday inspiration. Don’t forget to subscribe for easy DIYs, delicious recipes and organization hacks in the New Year!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!



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