When I became a mom, I had very grand ideas about raising kids. You did too, I’m sure! And you know what? All those plans quickly took a backseat to real life!

I know you can relate. Days get busy, and before you blink, those sweet babies are a whole year older and you didn’t do the vacation. You didn’t linger in the moments.  The quality time slipped by… do you need a change?

It’s 2021, and I want to help! Welcome to the place where everyday becomes an adventure!

It’s time to really get to know our kids! What makes them excited? What scares them? Where would they go in the world if they could choose?

Earlier this year I sold my home. My boys and I have decided to take life a little less seriously. Please join us as we travel to unique destinations here in the U.S. while home-schooling and. I like to call this travel-schooling!

We’ve made some very awesome memories so far this year, and I want to extend a special invitation to explore