How to Home School

It has never been this easy to home school!

With so many resources online, and a rapidly growing home school community nation wide, you’ll find all the tools and support you need to begin this wonderful journey with your student!

Join Me

As I take the guesswork and stress out of home school for you! In just a few hours each day, you can transform your student into an enthusiastic learner, while building an unbreakable life-long bond with your child!

Why Home School?

Hi! I’m Breezy, and I home school my kids. I’m on a mission to empower you to take education into your own hands as a parent!

Right now, our public school system is under assult!

You may have heard about the recent developments within public education, and feared that your kiddos are not being educated, but rather an indoctrinated with radical, racist material from the top down.

We’ve also seen a decline for many years in American children’s academic performance-

Particularly in the core subjects of reading, writing and math.

U.S kids are now ranked very low in a global comparison to lesser developed nations, and scores are falling!

The shocking truth is that American schools are replacing knowledge with dangerous social programming.

My passion and purpose is to help you navigate and pursue home schooling for your family!

It is my belief that the future lies with our next generations.

Who better to help shape the future than parents?! Each of us is given a great opportunity when we have kids- To be a role model and a mentor.

Take this opportunity now, along with tens of thousands of others across our nation!

My hope is to rebuild confidence and competence in our kids!

With our culture today being so divisive, and unreliable information so abundant, I’m stripping education down to the basics!

Please let me show you how to shape critical thinking skills early, and how to instill patriotism with historical FACTS. Print all the planning pages right from this site, and follow tutorials as we round-out our curriculum with fun field trips and practical skills exercises!

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We are our kids biggest fans, and it’s time to be their biggest influence!