Starting Your Home School Journey Doesn’t Have to be Stressful! Start With Confidence Here…


1. Overwhelmed with the thought of homeschool? Read The 5 Easy Steps to setting up your homeschool. We’ll go over everything from finding your State requirements, to making a materials list. No more stress!

2. Are you worried about socialization and home school? Please read The Socialization Question– Studies show that homeschooled kids are more well adjusted. Put your fears to rest!

3. In the homeschool, it’s our job to raise confident and capable kids and prepare them to be thoughtful, productive adults! That’s why Practical Life Skills are one of the main pillars of the homeschool. Please check out our new page dedicated to teaching Practical Life Skills in the homeschool!

Hi! I’m Breezy

I’m the creator of By Your Bootstraps and an advocate for parents everywhere. I help ordinary parents just like you take control of your child’s education without having to quit your job or dedicate a huge amount of money to your homeschool dreams!

I’ve been home schooling for years, and though I failed miserably at first, I’ve discovered amazing tools that helped me to create a low-stress, high impact education for my kids!

I’m on a mission to give parents the confidence and tools you need to successfully homeschool your kids, without quitting your job or buying ultra expensive curriculums.

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